• 7Twelve. A Diversified Investment Portfolio With A Plan

7Twelve. A Diversified Investment Portfolio With A Plan

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A proven way to put together a portfolio that enhances performance and reduces risk Professor Craig Israelsen of Brigham Young University is an important voice in the area of asset allocation

7Twelve outlines a multi-asset balanced portfolio that is a logical starting point when assembling a portfolio-either as the blueprint for the entire portfolio or as a significant building block

Discusses how the 7Twelve portfolio includes seven core asset classes and utilizes twelve specific mutual funds or exchange traded funds Details the tax efficiency of this specific investment approach Shows you how to use the 7Twelve portfolio as a pre-retirement accumulation portfolio or a post-retirement distribution portfolio If you want to build a well-balanced, multi-asset portfolio, 7Twelve is the book for you.

Now, in 7Twelve, he shows you how to do the same, and demonstrates how his approach to investing can help you grow your money as well as protect it

Page by page, he will show you how to create a balanced portfolio utilizing multiple asset classes to enhance performance and reduce risk

The reason He keeps things simple


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